One of our biggest features is the unique smart contract ecosystem that runs the VITO network: The VITOnode! Accumulate 50,000 VITO and you”ll automatically activate and become a VITOnode – Earning you 5% of your total wallet amount paid out in daily increments.

Distribution Details

We did not host, pre-sale or pre-mine any Virtual Token (VITO) – 50% of tokens will be held in reserve for the team and founders and will be sold off in small quantities to fund development and partnerships. 50% of the tokens will be used for Staking, this means if you hold tokens in your wallet, you will generate an amount of tokens as your reward for holding the tokens. This is done automatically via our custom Smart Contract POS functions.

Proof Of Stake

Smart Contract Proof Of Stake is automatically enabled once you have 50,000 VITO (Virtual Token) in any ETH wallet. This is the minimum amount of VITO that must be held to be eligible and activate your VITOnode.

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