After more than 16 months of heavy development their signature token VITO is now available and it’s going to change everything.

BRISBANE, August – 2019 — Virtual Token (VITO) – Founder of VITO ® Mikey Robertson announced today that the VITO Token and VITOnode system is ready to go live alongside the release of their industry leading platform available at . The new token VITO (Virtual Token) is available across multiple DEX (Decentralised Exchange) and Mikey has hinted at plans of centralised listings within the near future. VITO Tokens can be earned via multiple outlets available at – You do not want to miss out on stocking your bags with VITO during the early accumulation phase!

To date, more than 50 million VITO Tokens have been set aside and allocated via smart contract to be paid to users via the VITO platform, marketplace and up-comming AR (Augmented Reality) mobile app.  

After years of research, development, and testing, VITO is currently rolling out throughout both the digital and physical cryptocurrency sectors. 

One of the biggest features is the unique smart contract ecosystem that runs the VITO network. Gone are the days of setting up complicated Masternodes and crossing your fingers hoping that it’s running correctly and you actually get paid out! Introducing the VITOnode feature built into VITO’s smart contract. Simply accumulate 50,000 VITO (Virtual Token) within a single ERC-20 compatible address and your VITO tokens will automatically activate and become a VITOnode – Earning you 5% of your total wallet amount in VITO tokens paid automatically every single day. 

Head over to and claim your VITOnode – Mikey and the VITO team has decided to distribute Virtual Token’s through competitions, airdrops, giveaways and interaction with the community – Do not miss out!


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