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Virtual Token (VITO) allows for the purchase and sale of uniquely digital items on a decentralised marketplace.

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VITO Project

2018 Q3 – Concept Design

Brainstormed what could and couldn’t work focused around the AR/VR idea to bring real world experiences with Cryptocurrency

2018 Q4 – Idea Integration

Figured out how we could Integrate these multiple avenues from all aspects of previous experience combining IT/Gaming/Cryptocurrency together

2019 Q1 – Testing Augmented/Virtual Reality

Found a company who can do what we need and proof of AR/VR concepts were shown

2019 Q2 – Token Testnet Started, Proof of Stake Smart Contract

After being involved with Masternodes since mid 2017 we wanted to bring this element to our token, Masternodes can be quite tricky to setup so we wanted this to be available to anyone without needing to set anything up at all.

2019 Q3 – Token Testnet Finish, Proof of Stake Smart Contract Working and Tested

We were able to generate a Proof of Stake token via Smart contract on the Ethereum platform, this testing proved many hours work but is well worth it, rewards start from having 50,000 VITO in ANY Ethereum based wallet.

2019 Q4 – Token Live, Proof of Stake Rewards Live

Token is Live and Proof of Stake rewards are working. Token listed on DEX’s and website launch.

2020 Q1 – Smart Contract Parent Testing

For tradable/collectable digital items which will be used with AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality)

2020 Q2 – Augmented Reality Foundation

Building the foundation of how the AR will work and integrate with the platform > This includes an Airdrop for the real world where anyone with the Vito technology can find tokens which are traded on live exchanges. Business partnerships for tradable/collectable items – Team to start aquiring businesses who want to be immortalized on Blockchain with their products such as Cars/Houses/Boats etc. Marketplace Development – Scope and Test Marketplace for buying/selling digital items integrated with VITO

2020 Q3 – Marketplace Launch

Foundation Marketplace will launch live and testing of AR Vito token itself will be tested.

2020 Q4 – Virtual Reality Foundation

Building the foundation of how the VR will work and integrate with the platform.

2021 Q1 – Virtual Reality Live

Live integration with the marketplace for VR collectible items.

2021 Q2 – AR Classrooms

Create and test AR/VR training classroom platform for Cryptocurrency based topics

Online Token Backed Marketplace

Tokenising Brands

Partnerships with your favourite brands


Decentralised token backed items available to trade

Augmented Reality

Show your family and friends from your phone

Virtual Reality

Experience digital items in a virtual environment

Virtual Reality Rewards

VITO News & Blog

What sets VITO apart

Virtual Token (VITO) is a cryptocurrency that can be used with augmented and virtual reality items in a goal board/vision room environment. The currency is supported by a decentralized peer to peer marketplace where digitally unique items can be bought, sold and traded freely.
Having goals and a vision board when learning any new skill such as trading is very important as it allows for the visualisation of what you are trying to achieve. This brings improved levels of motivation while learning new skills and getting through difficulties associated with learning new, challenging skills.

The AR/VR side brings something extra fun to the table, users will be able to see and feel their goals in a virtual world experience. Also adding in the marketplace brings a fun and unique nature to collecting and buying/selling.




Ethereum’s ERC20 standard contract allows users to transfer VITO with the security of the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Distribution Details

50% of tokens will be held in reserve for the team and founders and will be sold off in small quantities to fund development and partnerships. 50% of the tokens will be used for Staking, this means if you hold tokens in your wallet, you will generate an amount of tokens as your reward for holding the tokens. This is done automatically via Smart Contract. 

Proof Of Stake

Smart Contract Proof Of Stake is automatically enabled once you have 50,000 VITO (Virtual Token) in any ETH wallet. This is the minimum amount of VITO that must be held to be eligible and activate your VITOnode.

Meet Our Team

Mikey Robertson


Mikey has a background in IT/Profesional Gaming/Forex & Cryptocurrency with extensive knowledge around trading. He has been a guest speaker and hosted many events focused around cryptocurrency for things such as Trading/Masternodes/Mining Farms/Proof of Stake vs Proof of work concepts & Bitcoin debates with altcoins.

His passion is focused around bringing something new and innovative into the marketplace which hasn't been done before, hence VITO has been created.

Previous experience around IT/Professional Gaming brings about the Augmented and Virtual reality side to combine elements of Cryptocurrency Masternodes into a Proof of Stake Smart Contract token which requires no setup while splicing together elements of trading and supply/demand for collectible items which can be exchanged on a marketplace.

Lucas Cullen

Lead Token Developer

Lucas has a background in Mathematics and has been a professional software developer for over 15 years, experienced in a wide range of programming languages and industries including banking. In March 2013 he started the Brisbane Bitcoin and Blockchain meetups with nearly 2000 members. He has worked on a number of large blockchain projects including "Project Ubin" with the Singapore Monetary Authority and "Project i2i" with the Union Bank.

Immerse Enterprise

AR/VR Development

Mark Francis

VITO Relations & Growth Manager

An intellectual contrarian, humanist and futurist - Mark has seen himself a part of a variety of blockchain projects based in Australia. Though an early investor, he cares little for charts and HODLing, maintaining a prescient bias towards real world social impact through innovation and relentless trial and error.

Matt Hutchins

Project Management/Business Partnerships

Victor-David Murray


In his free time Victor enjoys driving his wife crazy by discovering a new hobby every few months. When he’s not engaged with a new hobby he enjoys camping, and visiting places colder than Queensland (-33C in Sweden being one of his favourites).

Victor finds practicing in succession law and achieving for his clients to be professionally and personally rewarding. Victor is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and has earned the right to carry the designation TEP (Trust and Estate Practitioner).

Web & Community Team

Patrick Heaton

Web/Marketplace Development

Patrick is a practiced business developer and ecommerce specialist. Also involved heavily in the blockchain industry for the last few years, his interests tend to lean away from traditional investing and more to the large scale impacts the technology can have.


Easily activate and start running a VITOnode today!

Once you have 50,000 VITO (Virtual Tokens) accumulated within a single address you will automatically activate VITO’s POS node system.

Your wallet will automatically in real time generate VITO at the rate of 5% of your total VITOnode tokens held.

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